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One fish, one prize.

* One fish 1 prize, except for the Sunday Team event and individual Day prize. No Competitor shall be eligible to take more than one prize in each class with one fish.

Competitors fishing as Juniors must be under 16 years of age on October 1st 2020 and are not eligible for a cash prize.

Additional prizes will be awarded for the following : 

Best Specimen Fish - Saturday - Cash

Best Specimen Fish - Sunday - Cash 

Best Specimen Fish - Monday - Cash 

Best Specimen Fish - weighed in by a Lady - Sunday - Cash 

Best Specimen Fish - weighed in by a Junior - Saturday - Cash 

Best Specimen Fish - weighed in by a Junior - Sunday - Cash 


NOTE : The fish that wins the E. Tuson Trophy is NOT eligible to win either of these day prizes 



We are an independent fishing festival that has been held in Dartmouth, Devon for over 50 years. Prizes are offered for shore, river, sea and wreck fishing with women's and children's prizes also up for grabs. Come and join us for a great weekend of fishing.

PRIZE PRESENTATION . This did not take place this year due to the pandemic, and there will not be any trophy presentations. Prizes will all be cash. There will be no rod prizes, these will be replaced by cash prizes.

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